German–Dutch translation

Dutch bears many similarities with languages such as English, Frisian and West Low German due to the common roots these languages share.

The language also spread to Africa thanks to Dutch colonialism, the end result of which was the development of an independent language: Afrikaans. When compared to Dutch, Afrikaans reflects some simplifications and influences that came from other African languages as well as English.

A rough estimate would suggest that around 26 million people speak Dutch in the world today. It is spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia and Surinam, and also as a dialect in France and Germany.


But why should you as a German company have your content translated into Dutch?

It’s simple: the Netherlands’ number one country for import is Germany, just ahead of China.

In 2016, 52% of people living in the Netherlands bought clothing or sport items online. If you offer fashion and lifestyle items in your online shop, you should consider translating it into Dutch. After all, customers are all the more likely to make purchases if the feel more personally addressed.

And if you sell bicycles or bicycle accessories, the Netherlands is the country with the most bicycles. In Amsterdam there are even more bikes than there are people. Therefore it is unlikely you would go amiss by offering bike accessories to the Dutch.

Don’t miss this opportunity and have your content translated into Dutch!








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