Technical glossary

Technical glossary of translation terms

Technical glossary

Occasionally, you’ll come across some unfamiliar terms on the intercontact website or when talking to people in the localisation and translation industry. You’ll find many of these terms listed here with short explanations.

Technical glossary


A combination of the words translation and creation, transcreation describes a freer, more resourceful style of translation.

Most times, messaging written for one target audience won’t resonate with a culturally different group. A word-for-word literal translation could either miss the mark entirely or cause some huge, unseen problems. Transcreation, on the other hand, allows translators to capture your brand’s message and recreate it in a way that resonates with the new audience and is culturally appropriate, relevant and meaningful to the local market. They can inject their own creativity and cultural knowledge, all while staying true to the source text.

This is particularly true when it comes to translating idioms, sayings, expressions, slogans, taglines, product names and any form of marketing text.

See also: Adaptation, Localisation, Transcription

Synonyms: Adaptation, Creative translation
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