Technical glossary

Technical glossary of translation terms

Technical glossary

Occasionally, you’ll come across some unfamiliar terms on the intercontact website or when talking to people in the localisation and translation industry. You’ll find many of these terms listed here with short explanations.

Technical glossary

Some translations and files cannot be sent via e-mail due to their size. Larger files can be sent securely via the intercontact Cloud. intercontact customers receive a link to upload or download files.

With the help of Wiki software, intercontact can store its internal company resources in one place. The transparency afforded by this digital repository enables every intercontact employee to access all the information they need, ranging from meeting protocols, guidelines and directives to general templates.

Although interpretation and translation are often thought of as similar, the work is actually very different. While a translator works with written material, an interpreter works with spoken language and in real time, "live" situations. An interpreter makes it possible for two or more parties to communicate when they don’t share a common language. Their job is to deliver the original messages from the source language into the target language as accurately as possible. Interpreters can work in person or remotely, conveying the speakers’ messages via video and audio feeds, or over the phone.

Synonyms - Interpretation

interTMS is the translation management system developed by intercontact that enables our customers to place, manage and track their orders and requests. Turnover and volume analyses enhance the level of transparency and automated jobs are mapped in interTMS via the REST API. Invoices can be viewed at any time and are available to download.

See also: Translation management system, interTMS, REST API

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