Our translation, copyediting and copywriting agency, intercontact, is based in Krefeld and has been helping organisations communicate more successfully since 1991.

What makes us different from others on the market?
Our passion, sophisticated language technologies and high standards of quality.

Language leads to success:

Having text written or translated is a matter of trust, because every word counts. intercontact is one of the largest language service providers in Germany. We employ professional and experienced translators, copywriters and copyeditors – both internally and externally – all of whom work exclusively in their native languages.

As specialists in their fields, our employees are well versed in producing effective technical translations and compelling content translations,
always ensuring that we deliver the highest quality.

Put your trust in us for the very best results.


DTP in allen Sprachen
Foreign language typesetting: DTP in all languages

What is foreign language typesetting? Foreign language typesetting is the process of transferring texts in different languages into a page layout for printed material. This is typically performed in the scope of desktop publishing (DTP) by a foreign language typesetter. 

Translation Management System

Welcome to the digital translation platform from intercontact. Offering you simple solutions for your company-wide language processes.


Platform for your company-wide communication


Simple connection to your third-party systems


Insight into your language processes

Translation agency for industries using multiple languages

The in-house translators and copyeditors at intercontact, are native speakers of German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

This core team is supported by over 800 professional external translators and copywriters. Together, they produce text of exceptional quality in a range of languages, including:

Czech, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Japanese and Turkish.

As a translation agency, we can provide you with any language combination. Would you like to have your website translated or localise your online shop to reach more customers in foreign language markets? Below you will find a few pointers to help you decide which market best suits your requirements.


We've compiled some language-related information to help you expand your e-commerce activities on the international market. intercontact can translate your text in the following language combinations:

Contact us with a request, or send us your text or files to be translated and we will send you a cost estimate. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about having text translated, or having documents certified, and will gladly provide you with an individual quote.