26 July 2023
Top 30 Ranking CSA Research

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CSA Research’s annual rankings result from the language industry’s most comprehensive, large-scale survey of the language services and translation technology market.

The translation agency intercontact translations from Krefeld, Germany is a dynamic player in the language services and technology industry, has been named one of the leading providers of language services worldwide by independent market research firm CSA Research. In their 2023 rankings, based on verified revenues from 2022, intercontact translations secured the 28 position in western Europe. The language services and technology industry encompasses a wide array of players, ranging from specialized agencies to global giants. With this prestigious recognition, intercontact translations solidifies its position as a major contributor to the multi-billion-dollar global language services market.

Statement intercontact translations

intercontact translations is a German translation service provider for technical translations, text services and language technologies based in Krefeld, Germany. For more than 30 years, the company has been providing sophisticated translation technologies and high quality standards. Comment by intercontact translations, Luc Schläger: "We offer a special individual service. Our goal is to make the implementation of every order possible in the highest quality. This is what our tradition as a family business stands for. ".

Motivation of the study

Tahar Bouhafs, CEO of CSA Research, recognizes the crucial role of the language services industry in today's global business landscape: “The language services industry is a key enabler of global business, helping companies communicate effectively, adapt to different cultures, comply with local laws, and compete effectively on the global stage. Our annual global market study focuses on companies that deliver essential translation, interpretation, and localization services to organizations and individuals worldwide.”

Study Methodology 

CSA Research uses structured and documented methodologies to ensure independent and reliable data-driven research for language service providers (LSPs), technology vendors, global enterprises, and investors. The rankings of the largest suppliers are based on confirmed revenue from 2022. This is the 19th year CSA Research has studied the language services industry and the second year Company has appeared in the rankings.  Included in CSA Research’s global market study is the ranking of the largest language services and translation technology providers in the world, as well as across seven regions.

Information Sources

CSA Research’s annual study of the language services and technology market is based on a rigorous methodology that ensures the accuracy and integrity of the data published for this and other reports based on its Global Market Study (“Methodology: Global Market Study (2023)”). Instead of estimating values, the firm uses the exact data provided and verified by LSPs and technology vendors for the ranking.

About CSA Research

CSA Research is the premier independent market research company focused on language services and technologies. It provides reliable market research for global organizations to operationalize, benchmark, optimize, and innovate industry best practices in globalization, internationalization, localization, interpreting, and translation. https://www.csa-research.com | @CSA_Research 

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