Business & legal translation

Specialist translations for business, finance and law

Business & legal translation

In business, finance and legal translations, words and numbers must be absolutely precise, as these items often have legal implications. This applies in particular to the translation of contracts. Especially when it comes to international contracts, notarised deeds, official reports or trade register excerpts, mistakes can invalidate a contract and lead to expensive legal disputes.

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Business & legal translation
Specialist translations for business, finance and law
Specialist translations for business, finance and law

“Financial and legal documents have to be translated extremely accurately as there is rarely any room for interpretation. We are committed to ensuring that your translations comply with all regulations and that your translated material is always legally compliant.”

Dan Schläger
Business Development Manager

Specialist legal
Translations that stand up in court

As you might expect, legal translations must be legally watertight. The specialist translator has little scope for freely interpreting the legal documents; good knowledge of legal interpretations in the country of the target language is key.

In some cases, official documents and testimonies need to be notarised or officially approved. The relevant district court authorises the translator to create a sworn translation. The translator must swear before a lawyer or the court that the translation they have completed is a true, accurate and complete translation of the original document. This is often requested by authorities.

Whether for general contracts, rulings, terms and conditions or articles of association, corporate law or criminal law, our specialist translators can cover all your legal translation needs. Your translation projects are in the right hands with our translators. We offer lawyers a translation that fulfils all requirements.

Specialist translations for business & finance
Translations that satisfy all requirements

Financial texts, such as financial reports, annual and consolidated financial statements, balance sheets and other financial communications are often subject to strict regulations. For example, when translating financial reports, international accounting regulations must be upheld and text translated with the correct terminology in the target language. One example is the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Our specialist translators for business & finance are absolute experts with comprehensive business, finance or legal expertise who understand how important accurate specialist translations are for you. In order to ensure error-free target texts, every single translation undergoes a proofreading stage – regardless of how highly qualified the translator is. This ensures that you receive error-free translations in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100.

Specialist translations for corporate communications

Corporate communications include a wide range of communication channels that are used to ensure that the intangible value of a company is communicated to customers, investors, suppliers, business partners and employees in a positive way.

Whether you want to have your website translated or want to adapt employee magazines, press releases, customer magazines, a financial report or a presentation for a specific country or specific countries, you’re in the right hands with intercontact. We support you with translations into German, Italian, French, Chinese, Russian or Japanese, because even in the era of globalisation, it is important to use country-specific communication. We help you to make the principle of “think global, act local” a reality. We also offer services in many other languages in addition to the languages mentioned. We look forward to hearing from you.

Appealing and understandable specialist texts

Despite provisions, regulations and the associated restrictions, your financial text should still read as if it were written directly in the target language – and our specialist translators can make that happen!

The same also applies to company profiles. These are an advertisement for your business. Therefore, it is beneficial to you when it is not immediately apparent that the text has been translated. This is particularly important for an appealing company presentation. Of course, in a good translation, the content in the foreign-language version should be the same as the content in the original. However, the way the content is translated can vary.

Think about training material, for example. Of course, the content must be accurate, but the material must also be easily understood by the training participants who speak a foreign language. Our translators don’t just accurately translate the source text from a linguistic point of view, they also formulate the translation in a way that is understandable and appealing.

The requirements for a certain text type can also vary depending on the culture of the target country. In some circumstances, a press release in Polish will differ significantly from a press release written in Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish – and not just from a linguistic point of view. Rather, the differences are due to the different conventions for the text type. How is a heading typically written in the target culture? What is covered in a press release? What distinguishes the style?

Because our translators are native speakers with an expert understanding of a language or languages other than their native tongue, we deliver translations that satisfy all requirements and the expectations of your target audience, including for research and documentation purposes.

Incidentally, your data is secure with us. Data security and confidential cooperation are especially important in the context of business and financial communications. But not exclusively in this context. We place a high priority on discretion in all aspects of our business – you can count on us.

Typical translations from the fields of business & law:

  • Market analyses
  • Annual reports, quarterly reports
  • Financial reports
  • Insurance policies
  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Business registrations
  • Patents
  • Employment contracts
  • Legal opinions
  • Terms and conditions
  • ... and much more!

Even if you require translations from another field, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you are involved in online trade or in the medical field, our translation agency works with qualified specialist translators with expertise in every sector. We will be happy to take on your project. Send us a request now.

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Successful business translations for our customers


You too can benefit from our extensive expertise in the specialist translation of texts for business, finance and law.

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Typical translations

Typical translations for
business, finance & law


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The team at the translation agency intercontact puts your requirements first. As a reliable translation agency, we want to exceed your expectations and offer you tailored services – for excellent results every time.

“We have had a brilliant working relationship with intercontact for years! Reliability, timely deliveries and tremendous dedication are just some of the highlights of our cooperation to date. What’s more, when a really urgent ad-hoc implementation is requested, intercontact does everything within its power to deliver results in a timely manner. Keep doing what you’re doing!“
“Intercontact has proven itself to be a very reliable and professional partner for translation management. The jointly developed interface solution automates many processes, which ultimately frees up resources in the relevant teams.“
“It’s great that we happened to find intercontact. No other translation agency we’ve worked with has been this flexible, reliable, fast and cooperative. We get results for every project in no time at all that inspire our customers on a regular basis. Keep doing what you’re doing!“
“What we particularly appreciate about our cooperation with intercontact is the reliable and professional implementation of the orders. Even when spontaneous tasks have to be completed, we can always rely on intercontact. And last but not least, the friendly tone also creates a good working atmosphere.“
“Cooperation and communication with intercontact is smooth and direct. Specific translation requests are taken into account and implemented. Overall, we value the friendly client-agency cooperation and their timely management and look forward to working on projects together in the future.“
“We are very happy with our working relationship with intercontact. The translation agency is professional, reliable and adapts to the individual requirements of its customers. We created two new foreign-language online shops with intercontact. We had a very positive experience with both of these projects, in addition to the ongoing product and content translations. The translations are high quality, and – particularly when it comes to the content translation, where meaning matters and word play cannot be translated literally – it is clear that the intercontact translators are real experts.“
“What we really value about our cooperation with intercontact is the reliable and professional way the projects are handled. Even when we have urgent projects with fast turnaround times, we can always rely on intercontact. And last but not least, the friendly communication creates a good working atmosphere.“
“The projects are managed quickly and professionally by intercontact and are always delivered on time. Especially for translations with fast turnaround times, their prompt delivery is particularly impressive. In the event of uncertainties or queries relating to projects, communication is very good and interactions with our contact partners are always very pleasant.“
“Working with intercontact translations has been straightforward. The team has put great effort in understanding our internal and client needs. They stick to their commitments and ensure a seamless communication all the time.“


Your copy translated perfectly

Having text translated is a matter of trust. Because every word counts. Put your trust in the translation agency intercontact for the very best results. We conform to the ISO 17100 international standard for every translation. This is the international process standard for translation service providers that specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process, including IT security and IT infrastructure. This means that our customers can always count on controlled processes, high quality standards and maximum IT security.

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Occasionally, you’ll come across some unfamiliar terms on the intercontact website or when talking to people in the localisation and translation industry. You’ll find many of these terms listed here with short explanations.

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