What are official reports used for?

An official report or evaluation is issued by an authorised expert and helps the party who petitioned the report in making a decision.

Such reports are used to make decisions about medical, political, business or commercial suitability. Depending on the reason for the official report, different experts may be called upon from insurance companies, medical centres, authorities or other specialists on the subject area being examined. The format of the reports will also vary and includes written evaluations, medical reports and expert opinions.

What other types of official reports are there?

The most important categories include technical and medical reports. Examples of official reports from other fields include expert opinions, court reports, legal testimonials, evidence reports, fire protection reports, surveyor’s reports, valuation reports, damage assessments and property appraisals.

Professional official report translations

All official reports should be comprehensible documents that can be easily read and understood by those who may not be familiar with the subject matter. The specialist authors of a report are selected on the basis of their experience, specialisation and references.

To make sure that everyone involved can understand your expert report, it’s important to consider the countries in which you plan to use it. If you want to use your certificate of fitness to drive when abroad, or take your medical report with you on holiday, you should arrange for your report to be translated. In addition to these examples, you will find many other uses for multilingual reports in your private and professional life.

Prepare official reports in the respective country’s language

Your official report will only be understood abroad if it is written in the language of the respective country. A lot can go wrong if your automatic translation isn’t proofread or overseen by a professional! And please, only entrust your official documents and important records to specialists.

With intercontact at your side, you can have your expert report translated into many languages. Commissioning a translation is actually remarkably simple and convenient. Thanks to our team of native-speaking linguists, we will always find the right language specialist for your official report.

Having a report written in the reader’s native language, and knowing that those who read the report will understand it, inspires a sense of confidence and security. These points are crucial, especially when it comes to official reports of a technical or medical nature. What’s more, being able to supply a translated version of your official report is a sign of commitment and competence. Intercontact offers you a professional translation service with specialised and reliable technical translations.


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