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Spanish translation agency

Spanish is one of the most-spoken languages in the world, with over 530 million Spanish speakers worldwide. For companies looking to break into Spanish-speaking markets, high-quality Spanish translation is a must. In our translation agency for Spanish, we offer professional, precise translations to help your company break down language barriers and communicate your message clearly and effectively.

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Spanish translation agency

¡Traducción, por favor! – Professional Spanish translations for all industries

Our translation agency for Spanish works with an experienced team of language experts that is specialised in the localisation of texts and Spanish translations in a variety of language combinations, including German–Spanish, English–Spanish and French–Spanish as well as a variety of specialist fields.

By implementing the four-eye principle, we guarantee the highest level of quality and precision in every step of the Spanish translation process. For our professional Spanish translations, we place a lot of importance on providing individual advice and take your wishes and requirements into account. Our Spanish translation agency offers a range of services, including transcreation, which we use for marketing content or other texts that need to be received well in different languages and retain the power of the original.

No matter the topic or text type, whether specialised texts, website texts or brochures, we translate your texts in all common language combinations and subject areas. In doing so, we work with the latest technologies and tools to ensure the efficient, timely processing of your language project.

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Possible language combinations for Spanish translations

Our team is made up of experienced Spanish translators that not only master the language, they also have a deep understanding of the cultural differences and nuances. This means we can guarantee that your message will be conveyed authentically and appropriately in any language combination, whether it be German–Spanish, English–Spanish, French–Spanish, Italian–Spanish or vice versa.

  • Spanish–German
  • German–Spanish
  • Spanish–English
  • English–Spanish
  • Spanish–French
  • French–Spanish
  • Spanish–Dutch
  • Dutch–Spanish
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Professional, high-quality Spanish translations

Take your Spanish communications to the next level! At our translation agency for Spanish, we ensure that your texts are not only correct, but also stylistically flawless. This is because a translation that is both precise and appealing is the key to success in both the private and commercial sphere.

Our translation agency for Spanish uses the latest technologies to maximise the quality and efficiency of our translation projects. We use a translation memory system that enables us to automatically reuse text passages that have been translated before and ensure consistent use of terminology. This saves time and reduces the translation effort – which is a benefit that we pass on to our customers.

Furthermore, we work with verified Spanish terminology and an extensive terminology database in order to ensure that all our Spanish translations deliver maximum precision both in terms of language and content. Our Spanish translations are underpinned by a consistent quality standard as well as principles of efficiency and precision. With our content management system and automated interfaces, we can manage large quantities of texts and integrate our workflows into your systems seamlessly. This enables us to guarantee optimal compatibility with different platforms and software.

Our translation management system facilitates the professional, timely deliver of projects to our customers. The progress of every translation is monitored in real time, so you are always up to speed. We work with the utmost care and ensure that your message is translated perfectly. We offer a fast, reliable service that you can count on. We are only satisfied when you are. Contact us and let`s work together to make sure your content is perfectly conveyed in Spanish!

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Specialised translations and more:
Our broad range of Spanish translation services

Spanish is an extremely diverse language with many regional variations in its idioms and linguistic nuances. This makes it critically important to work with Spanish translation experts who understand the cultural differences within your target markets and the nuances of the language.

As a professional Spanish translation agency, we provide Spanish localisation and transcreation services. Localisation refers to the adaptation of text to suit a specific region or target audience by reflecting its cultural and linguistic nuances. Transcreation, on the other hand, goes one step further and creatively adapts – or even rewrites – the original text to retain the message, tone and intent while making it locally relevant.

Our team specialises in a variety of copy styles and subject areas, including marketinge-commerceeconomics and lawsocial mediafashion and engineering and technology and beyond. Whether you need to have your website, a contract or a marketing campaign translated, our team of experienced, native-speaking translators is here for ou. We guarantee accurate, effective translations in a variety of language combinations, including German-Spanish, English-Spanish, French-Spanish, etc. and vice versa.

When translating from and into Spanish, attention to detail is of the utmost importance. That is why every translation is carefully proofread - both in the original language and in the target language - to provide you with an accurate, high-quality Spanish translation with a quality guarantee.

Professional Spanish translators

Discover the diversity of the Spanish language

In the Spanish translation agency intercontact, we work with quality and precision. Every translation project is processed by a team of native-speaking Spanish translators that are specialised in various subject areas. Thanks to the four-eye principle, every text is checked and corrected by at least two Spanish translators in order to guarantee a flawless final product.

To find out more about our Spanish translation process, look at the eight steps below:

Step by step

This is how the intercontact team makes your language project a success


Contact us via e-mail, our website or our customer login.



You will soon receive a fair quote based on the number of words or hours required. In doing so, we will also consider existing elements from previous project and reduce the price accordingly.



You approve our quote or task your personal intercontact project manager directly with handling your project.


Provision of language services

In consultation with you, our project management team will coordinate the right translators, copywriters and copyeditors for your project, who will quickly start the work process.


Quality assurance

Upon completion, the project manager gives your text to an independent person for review in accordance with our two-person rule. Corrections are made and copy is optimised.



The project manager takes the project to its final stage. He or she verifies the text, the language variants, layouts, formatting and templates.



We deliver your text files to you via e-mail, your customer portal or via our automated processes (API, FTP etc.), ready for printing or publication.


Final check

If our texts are further edited by your designers or other agencies, send us the print template or access to your staging site etc. to be checked and approved. Depending on the number of language variants, this will be handled across separate platforms.



Case studies:
Translations for our customers

Typical customers for intercontact include high-profile, internationally active companies from the fashion, marketing, industry and e-commerce fields. We continue to enjoy a successful working relationship and many years of collaboration with the majority of our customers. We couldn’t be happier about this as it shows our work makes a difference and is highly valued in the market.

Do you want to influence markets with international communication? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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We, the intercontact translation agency, are available to you in person, over the phone, via e-mail or in an online meeting and we are always happy to hear from you. We are here to discuss any questions you may have about having your copy and documents translated and will be glad to create a personalised quote for you.


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