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Slovenian is spoken by around 2.2 million people in Slovenia, in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in Vas County in Hungary, in the Austrian states of Carinthia and Styria and in Croatia.

As a Slavic language within the Indo-European language family, Slovenian is related to languages such as Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian.

Watch out: despite their similar names, Slovenian and Slovakian are two different and independent languages. One thing they have in common is that they are both Slavic languages. It is also easy to make mistakes when it comes to the international country codes for both languages, since SL and SLV are used to refer to Slovenian, while SK, SLO and SLK are used to refer to Slovakian.

Slovenia has been part of the European Union since 2004. The official language of Slovenia is Slovenian. Italian and Hungarian are also spoken in some municipalities.

Why translate from English into Slovenian?

The percentage of online purchases in Slovenia is still rather low, but there is an upwards trend. Generally, more and more people are gaining access to the Internet, which naturally results in more people shopping online. Against this backdrop, it is easy to see why a translation from English into Slovenian could be worthwhile.

In 2015, 39% of people aged between 16 and 74 in Slovenia purchased products online, with more than half of the online buyers coming from the 25–34 and 35–44 age groups.

And it is precisely because Slovenia does not currently have as many online buyers as other countries that this market provides significant opportunities for growth. With a translation from English to Slovenian, you have the chance to position your product in the Slovenian market.

Which products are particularly popular among Slovenian customers?

Popular products among Slovenian online shoppers

The most popular category for Slovenian online shoppers is electronic goods and media. The second most popular category is furniture and household appliances, followed by toys, hobby and DIY products.

In the fashion sector, Slovenian customer still tend purchase items in conventional shops for the most part. In 2019, 24% of people living in Slovenia bought clothing or sporting goods online. In addition, 23% of Slovenian customers booked travel or holiday accommodation online.

Therefore, you will have optimal chances of success in the Slovenian market if:

  • Your target group consists of people aged between 25 and 44, and/or
  • You offer electronic goods and media or furniture and household appliances.

A tip for your new Slovenian online shop

If you are setting up your new Slovenian online shop then the following information is bound to be of interest to you: Currently, Slovenian online shoppers prefer to pay by card. However, this trend is declining and more and more shoppers are using digital wallets. Around a fifth of online shoppers pay via bank transfer. The percentage of customers that pay cash on delivery currently stands at around 7%.

Therefore, if you want to offer your new Slovenian customers an optimal shopping experience, then you should definitely offer them the option to pay by card as well as payment using a digital wallet.

Translation agency with experienced translators who translate into Slovenian and from Slovenian

But before you even think about payment methods, you need a translation. What are you waiting for? Conquer the Slovenian market with a translation from English into Slovenian and choose the expert translators at intercontact working from English into Slovenian and Slovenian into English.

Step by step

This is how the intercontact team makes your language project a success

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Typical customers for intercontact include high-profile, internationally active companies from the fashion, marketing, industry and e-commerce fields. We continue to enjoy a successful working relationship and many years of collaboration with the majority of our customers. We couldn’t be happier about this as it shows our work makes a difference and is highly valued in the market.

Do you want to influence markets with international communication? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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