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In 2004, Kai Renchen launched the successful online shop parfumdreams. The family company quickly made a name for itself on the market, and after continuous growth of its beauty retail business, it now has a product range that includes products from over 850 brands. 

But before all of this, in 1995, Christina Renchen, mother of Kai Renchen, founded the traditional perfumery chain Akzente. The first store was opened in Öhringen and has since been followed by 27 additional stores.

The brick-and-mortar stores of Parfümerie Akzente in Germany are located in Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and Bavaria. Thanks to the additional online shop, parfumdreams also sells its products abroad in around 10 other EU countries.

Thanks to increasing digitalisation and the growth of e-commerce, the family company not only quickly became well-known amongst customers, it also caught the attention of the beauty giant Douglas. Douglas has held the majority stake in Parfümerie Akzente since 2018.

With the help of its new partner, parfumdreams now has 450 employees and continues to grow under the leadership of Kai Renchen. Thanks to its excellent market positioning, the company is building on the name it has made for itself and the name parfumdreams is becoming a well-known fixture in the beauty sector. 

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The company and its products represent self-love, indulgence and luxury in every price bracket. The concept that guides and inspires the company is The Joy of Beauty. In order to help its customers experience this joy, parfumdreams is continuously optimising the technology of its online shop to make it more user-friendly and is on a mission to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

parfumdreams didn’t just conquer the online market with exclusive branded fragrances, lifestyle products, make-up and skin care products, it also offers a range of nutritional supplements, homeopathic medications and adult products.

parfumdreams stands for passion, courage and security. Whether they use the mobile app or the constantly optimised website, the customer is always able to enjoy a safe and secure shopping experience. Not only do customers receive information about the latest products and brands through carefully curated customer content, care and beauty tips are also provided as part of compelling campaigns such as International Kissing Day or Fragrance Day, with links to recommended products.

intercontact ensures that The Joy of Beauty is understood in every language

In order to offer both customers in Germany and those abroad the same level of added value and ensure a pleasant shopping experience, parfumdreams has, since 2021, relied on intercontact translations to deliver high-quality translations into up to 11 languages – all of which are completed by native speakers of the target language. Whether for newsletters, product descriptions, marketing campaigns or SEO optimisation: intercontact provides parfumdreams with holistic support and ensures that its inspiring content always meets the highest standards of quality. Together with parfumdreams, intercontact helps to ensure that The Joy of Beauty can be understood, experienced and celebrated the same way in every country.

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