Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to questions we’re often asked. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require any additional information. We would be happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions

For many recurring translation projects, like the translation of your daily online shop content, it makes sense to automate the translation process through our API (interface).

Translation projects then run directly from your CMS (content management system) or PIM (product information management) system into our translation environment, where they are translated and automatically uploaded back onto your online shop or platform.

It goes without saying that we strive to accommodate all of your order requirements, including your desired delivery deadline.

Due to the use of a translation memory (TM), you can receive a discount on your final invoice. Your TM recognises when there are words or segments of text repeated. Repetitions generally cost less for the customer, as they require less manual intervention in the translation. This means that, depending on the frequency of your orders, you can reduce your translation costs.

Therefore, it’s less of a quantity discount and more of a cost reduction due to the inclusion of saved translations.

Intercontact works with terminology databases in order to ensure terms are used consistently for all languages. Our terminology databases save words in each language alongside their meaning, similar to a glossary of subject-specific terms. Your translators have access to this terminology during the translation process so that you, as a customer, can profit from more uniform corporate communication. Secure uniform corporate wording company-wide with intercontact.

You can reach our team Mon-Fri from 8am – 5pm via telephone (02151-65466-0), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or through our online contact form.

Are you already a client of intercontact? Then the phone extension and direct e-mail address of your intercontact project manager are always available. Your individual contact person cares about the optimal support of all your translation and text projects.

Every translator, editor, copywriter, supplier and service provider that works for us signs a confidentiality agreement at the start of the collaboration. We also have secure communication with internal servers and cross-backups. We will happily formulate and send you a confidentiality agreement.

We work on the basis of legal data protection regulations.

Before we commission new native translators, they must undergo an intensive selection process. This selection process includes a test with a trial translation provided by us. Then, after approval by our qualified and experienced translators and editors, we will begin to collaborate with them. Naturally, this collaboration will regularly be optimised towards the desires of our clients.

The duration of a project is dependent on the scope, difficulty, and type of text. A more sophisticated language style can also increase the delivery time.

The more information we receive about your order, the faster we can process your queries and provide an exact delivery deadline. We are happy to accommodate your desires and also deliver express translations.

Depending on the quality of the original text, a professional editor can optimise around 500-1000 words per hour.

Depending on the difficulty of the original text, a professional translator can translate roughly 2000 words per day.

However, it’s important to remember that the individual conditions of each order, such as the subject area, scope, text style and quality required, will affect this. When multiple translators are required for express delivery times, there is a risk that the quality will be compromised. We are happy to discuss the possible delivery dates of your order with you. Send us your text for exact cost and delivery calculations.

We generally bill per word.

You can, of course, send us your text for an exact calculation, then we will be able to tell you the total price. We will happily sign a confidentiality agreement if you desire.

For each individual project, there is also an individual price. This price is calculated based on: The scope of the text, special requirements or language technologies, the degree of difficulty etc.

We will gladly send you an offer and answer all of your questions about costs.

Should you not be able to send us a text for a cost calculation, these points will make it easier to prepare a quotation:

  • What type of content is it? (Subject, domain)
  • Indication of the source language and all of the target languages (the languages you would like it to be translated into)
  • Volume and frequency of your translation needs
  • Which complexities does your text possess? (Technical text, subject jargon)
  • What deadline do we need to meet?
  • Which language services are desired? (Translation, copyediting, copywriting)
  • Would you like a CMS integration so that you can use the interface?

We will happily advise you on your project and discuss your requirements.

We will happily complete a sample translation of between 250 and 350 words for you.

CAT tools (computer-aided translation tools) recognise repeated words or phrases from previous orders. Due to this, they can support the translator in their job by recommending past translations. In addition, through the CAT tool, translators can have access to termbases.

The customer platform intercontact uses (InterTMS) serves as an interface for all of your corporate communications. Any of your employees can place a translation or text project on our platform, completely without additional costs. This ensures a transparent process on all of your translation projects. Once you become a customer, you will receive your own personal login and access to your quotes, orders, and invoices.

As a rule, the payment is net 30 days.

On request, we can set up individual payment agreements, such as a single invoice per order or a total invoice at the end of each month.

To prepare a quote, and to ensure we can promptly start your text or translation order, we require the following information:

  • What type of content is it? (Subject, domain)
  • Indication of the source language and all of the target languages (the languages you would like it to be translated into)
  • Volume and frequency of your translation needs
  • What type of text would you like to commission? (Technical text, marketing text etc.)
  • What is your desired delivery deadline?
  • Which language services are required? (Translation, copyediting, copywriting)
  • Would you like an additional consultation about CMS integration so that you can use the interface?

We can, of course, also advise you on your project in a personal consultation.

A translation memory (TM) refers to a storage of past translations. TMs are highly intelligent systems capable of learning. They can save all of your translated texts, in each language, in a database.

We create a translation memory for every client, which we then maintain. As soon as you issue us with an order, it is checked for similarity against your past projects. If words or passages are repeated/similar to previous translations we’ve done for you, your final invoice will be reduced. This is because we invoice existing translations at a lower price. The longer our collaboration, the more your TM will fill up. This ultimately means that you will be able to save time and money since we will be able to process your order faster.

A human translation is recommended in the majority of cases since it allows more emotions to be maintained. In advertising, telling a story and conveying emotions is especially important, which is why advertisement text, websites, social media and blog articles, newsletters, and product descriptions are preferably translated by people. Likewise, economic, medical, and technical text should be translated by humans because this gives you direct access to native speaker knowledge of technical terms, target culture, forbidden words, colloquial language and special country-specific formulations.

Texts which are, by comparison, more suited to machine translation include simple word tables or easy text with lots of word repetition and factual references. Very long, simple texts with a short turnaround time are also suited to machine translations. And a post-edit can ensure the quality of your project. Let us advise you!

  • Specialist translations:
    • Websites, newsletters, product text, specialist text
  • Text services:
  • Language technologies:
    • Translation and terminology management, interfaces, machine translation
Intercontact works on the basis of DIN EN ISO 17100 standards. Each text is translated by a native translator and then proofread by a subject specialist editor.

We translate into and from all languages. Most commonly, from German into the following languages:

You can use direct debit or bank transfer.

For high-quality and timely processing of your translation order, please note the following:

  • We require open file formats, for example, Word, PowerPoint, Google Doc, Excel, or idml. files.
  • If possible, do not send PDF or JPEG documents, which we will have to convert and reformat.
  • We respond to every customer request and are happy to discuss your ideas in a briefing. This will include your desired format, deadlines, what’s included in your content etc.
We will always try to carry out your desires, especially when it comes to your chosen tone of voice. This can be discussed in a briefing to ensure your customers are always addressed correctly and your web presence is consistent.

Your point of contact is your project manager at intercontact. They are always available for you to contact if you have any questions about your order.

Are you not yet one of our customers? No problem! Simply write, e-mail or call our office, where we will always be available for you.

We work with professional and experienced internal and external translators, copywriters and copyeditors. They work with us exclusively in their native language and are briefed by us on all of your requirements.

As a family business with over 30 years of experience in localisation, we take pride in our high quality and reliability. Our many years of expertise ensure that, with us, you’ll receive professional specialist translations of consistent quality for almost any language. We offer you the perfect service.

Our experienced project managers coordinate your orders and support you in all your projects. With us, you will receive a fixed point of contact who will take over project management for you. You can therefore be sure that your briefings, glossaries, style guides and info will be considered in every translation we do for you.

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We will be happy to help you

We, the intercontact translation agency, are available to you in person, over the phone, via e-mail or in an online meeting and we are always happy to hear from you. We are here to discuss any questions you may have about having your copy and documents translated and will be glad to create a personalised quote for you.