Machine translation

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Machine translation

Do you need your translation project to be finalised quickly, without any fuss and at a great price?

With a machine translation from intercontact, you can have simple text translated quickly and easily. Depending on your requirements, the text can then undergo a targeted post-edit, focusing on specialist terminology, accuracy and other individual specifications. Although the quality of machine or automatic translations is constantly improving, post-editing by a professional translator is usually advisable, depending on the text’s intended use.

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Machine translation

MT applications

Efficient word-for-word translations

MT applications

In contrast to a specialist translation, a machine translation (MT) is efficient and word-for-word. It serves to quickly process large and recurring volumes of text.

Text which doesn’t require creative editing, or need to be adapted to specific markets, is well-suited to machine translation. Your decision to use automated translations depends upon the type of text, volume of text and your target group.

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MT applications

Typical translations

Typical text
for machine translations

MT workflows

MT workflows

Workflows for
machine translations

MT workflows

Intercontact sets up translation processes which connect your one-off or regular texts (i.e. online shop content) with professional translation engines via our interface (API). Your text will then automatically run from your CMS, PIM, or CRM system through the intercontact API and into the machine translation and optional post-editing. This works for all languages.

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Step by step

Using the intercontact interface





Machine translation (MT)


intercontact interface (API)




Translation engines

Integration of neural translation engines

For large and recurring volumes of text, a neural translation engine will be trained with your specialist glossaries and existing translations (translation memories). We work with the leading neural translation engines:



DeepL is a technology company which specialises in artificial intelligence for languages. The online software for machine translation is ISO 27001 certified and delivers high-quality results. DeepL cannot be connected to a client-specific specialist glossary or be trained with existing translations (translation memories).

RWS Language Weaver

RWS Language Weaver

RWS is the world’s largest software manufacturer for translation productivity and machine translations. The RWS translation engines can be trained with glossaries and existing translations (translation memories). Large volumes of text can be processed securely, quickly and efficiently.

Which translation engine is right for you? We’d be happy to advise you.

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Machine translation with empathy –

Naturally, you want to get the best quality from an automatic translation. That’s where our expert native speakers come in. They proofread, correct and optimise your translated text in a targeted post-edit, so that your audience feels the emotional impact of your translation.

Are you interested in post-editing? Read our blog article.


We offer a range of automatic translation and post-production services:

Machine translation (MT)

Full machine translation without a quality check.

Fast but not perfect; potentially inaccurate.

MT with light post-editing

Machine translation with basic editing by native-speaking linguists.

Good results, without finesse.

MT with full post-editing

Machine translation is fully revised by native-speaking professional linguists.

Accurate, stylistically correct and precise.

We’ll happily advise you on which service is appropriate for your language project. Contact us to learn more about the pros and cons, as well as the possibilities and limitations, of machine translations.

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