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Dutch translation office

While the Dutch language is often not given as much attention as other European languages, its importance should not be underestimated. A rough estimate would suggest that around 26 million people speak Dutch in the world today. This means the language plays an important role in the European economy and culture. As such, professional Dutch translations are of key importance for companies, organisations and private individuals. As a professional translation agency for Dutch, we know how important the Dutch language is in the land of tulips and canals and beyond!

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Dutch translation office

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As something of a mix between German and English, the Dutch language might seem easy to understand at first. But in reality it has its own cultural identity and history that must be taken into account. In translations from Dutch into German, it is therefore of particular importance to understand both the words and the cultural differences between the countries. That’s why the experienced team at the Dutch translation agency intercontact works only with native-speaking translators and localisation experts that work together with you to not only translate your texts accurately, but also adapt them to your target market using transcreation.

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The most in demand language combinations for Dutch translations

We understand that every language combination has its own challenges. No matter what languages you need, whether Dutch–German, Dutch–English, Dutch–French or more, our Dutch translation agency is specialised in adapting your texts to global target markets and captivating customers with your message.

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  • German–Dutch
  • Dutch–English
  • English–Dutch
  • Dutch–French
  • French–Dutch
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The highest standards of Dutch translation

Quality is our priority. To uphold the highest quality standards, our translation agency for Dutch works in accordance with the ISO 17100 quality standard. This guarantees that our native Dutch translators provide you with impeccable language services. We safeguard the efficient implementation of language projects and consistent communication by using translation memory systems and a Dutch terminology database. This means that recurring terms that are often used in your company are integrated into our system, ensuring consistency and preventing misunderstandings.

We are also happy to advise you on the integration of interfaces and terminology management. Together, we will find the right solution for you and integrate it seamlessly into your work processes.

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Typical Dutch translations

From marketing texts to newsletters to product descriptions: Dutch translations can be very diverse.

As such, we offer specialised Dutch translations in different subject areas. Our main areas of specialisation include fashion, economics and law, e-commerce, marketing and technology and engineering. Our professional Dutch translators don’t just focus on technical and linguistic precision, they also take into account search engine optimisation (SEO) and localisation considerations, ensuring that your company is successful and understood internationally.

The native-speaking linguists at our Dutch translation agency will be happy to advise you on your specialised Dutch translation projects.

Professional Dutch translators

Professional Dutch translations in just a few steps

To ensure that your language project runs smoothly and quickly, the Dutch translation agency intercontact translations always enables an efficient link between your system and ours: using automated processes.

In the eight steps below, you can see how we conduct a typical Dutch language project.

Step by step

This is how the intercontact team makes your language project a success


Contact us via e-mail, our website or our customer login.



You will soon receive a fair quote based on the number of words or hours required. In doing so, we will also consider existing elements from previous project and reduce the price accordingly.



You approve our quote or task your personal intercontact project manager directly with handling your project.


Provision of language services

In consultation with you, our project management team will coordinate the right translators, copywriters and copyeditors for your project, who will quickly start the work process.


Quality assurance

Upon completion, the project manager gives your text to an independent person for review in accordance with our two-person rule. Corrections are made and copy is optimised.



The project manager takes the project to its final stage. He or she verifies the text, the language variants, layouts, formatting and templates.



We deliver your text files to you via e-mail, your customer portal or via our automated processes (API, FTP etc.), ready for printing or publication.


Final check

If our texts are further edited by your designers or other agencies, send us the print template or access to your staging site etc. to be checked and approved. Depending on the number of language variants, this will be handled across separate platforms.



Case studies:
Translations for our customers

Typical customers for intercontact include high-profile, internationally active companies from the fashion, marketing, industry and e-commerce fields. We continue to enjoy a successful working relationship and many years of collaboration with the majority of our customers. We couldn’t be happier about this as it shows our work makes a difference and is highly valued in the market.

Do you want to influence markets with international communication? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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We will be happy to help you

We, the intercontact translation agency, are available to you in person, over the phone, via e-mail or in an online meeting and we are always happy to hear from you. We are here to discuss any questions you may have about having your copy and documents translated and will be glad to create a personalised quote for you.


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