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Terminology management

In order to guarantee that your corporate communication is consistent all over the world, we set up topic-specific glossaries for you in the form of terminology databases. Our translators can access the terms agreed with you in follow-up projects.

If you already have glossaries, we can integrate them as well. In turn, we are happy to provide our terminology databases to ensure consistent communication for your company.

Over the course of numerous customer projects, we have built up a comprehensive, practical terminology management system, which today forms the basis of our translation services.

Terminology management

At the centre of all this is your corporate wording and the creation, care, optimisation and continuous expansion of your terminology databases that stem from it – right down to the individual project level.

We also extract terms from the source texts your company sends us for translation – sorted by subject (e.g. fashion, electrical engineering, zoology etc.). These are checked, evaluated, translated and then saved in the form of glossaries or termbases.

These collections are made available to our authorised translators as online terminology databases during the translation process.

Developing your corporate language

One of the benefits of our professional terminology management is our ability to organise your terminology according to your individual specifications or rules.

There is the risk that inconsistencies can creep into corporate language, particularly in companies that are growing fast and implementing vastly different projects.

We can counter this through targeted terminology management. You can be sure that your communication is consistent, not only within a single document, but also in all follow-up projects in all languages. This ensures consistent international corporate wording which will give your company or product a distinctive face.

Professional terminology management ensures the international consistency of your corporate language, reduces costs and improves communication with your customers.

How we develop your consistent corporate language with you:

Extracting & collecting terms

A permanently growing terminology list is created from existing glossaries or texts

Checking & evaluating terminology

We check the terminology for duplicates, relevancy and usefulness in the subject areas

Translating & editing terminology

The terms are translated & proofread in the different languages

Validating & revising terminology

Your technicians and experts at home and abroad check the terms. intercontact then implements any changes

CAT tools & integration

intercontact imports the updated terminology list into a CAT tool

Online terminology & management

intercontact translators receive access to the centrally managed online terminology required for the project in question

Through performing countless projects for our customers, we have built up comprehensive practical expertise in terminology management, which we would be happy to share with you. Talk to us about your requirements and receive advice from our specialists.


Translation management

Welcome to the digital translation platform InterTMS from the translation agency intercontact. We offer simple solutions for your company-wide language processes.


An interface for your international communication


Simple connection to your third-party systems


Clear evaluations and statistics

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Automation for your language projects

The automation and optimisation of work processes is one of the key factors in delivering high-quality translations and copy at attractive rates and on time. intercontact will work with you to develop an optimised, efficient workflow between your company and our language services. Our flexible translation interface allows you to optimise your localisation processes. Integrate your systems via our REST API.

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We can connect to your Translation Management System


Do you already have a translation management system and want to link up with a professional translation agency? Then intercontact is the right partner for you. We will be happy to advise you.

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Direct communication with your CMS


We develop plug-ins for all major content management systems and deliver translations directly to the right area in your CMS.

Integrate intercontact into your CMS, PIM and e-commerce. We will be happy to advise you.

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