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How words come easily and in the way they are meant

Hemsley Fraser has been in the learning space for over 30 years. In the past decade, they have been consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 companies in the world for leadership development, digital content and training outsourcing.

As the working environment changes, so does the workforce, along with their expectations about learning and development. In the face of market volatility and economic uncertainty, organisations must be able to adapt and sometimes even transform. This is when sound development initiatives come into play. In addition to being compelling and targeted, they must also deliver messaging in a way that reflects the organisation’s culture and addresses strategic objectives.

Getting it right!

Developing organisational-wide leadership development solutions with expertly translated regional content.

Hemsley Fraser is collaborating with intercontact translations to transcreate one of their successful, customised global leadership and workforce development material for a specific client into multiple languages. Prerequisites included considering the organisation’s Tone of Voice, using correct HR terminology and having a level of flexibility, due diligence and responsiveness within project management and execution that is second to none.

The new agency would achieve this by:
a) involving client reviewers to ultimately ensure a perfect match to the organisation’s language and strategic culture,
b) creating print-ready material and
c) last but not least: a reliable team – on all sides.

You can find out more about Hemsley Fraser and their leadership development solutions here.

How well aligned are your HR initiatives in each language?


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This is how the intercontact team makes your language project a success

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