Have your contracts professionally translated

A contract comprises the declarations of intent from two or more parties that are to be bound. According to German law, a contract represents a binding written document and therefore also constitutes a legal document. Contracts must be written without linguistic errors and formulated in a correct and professional manner.

To simplify your communication with international business partners, it is not only advisable but necessary to have contracts professionally translated. Communication on equal terms can only occur if both parties understand the contents of the contract.

Translating contracts with legal expertise

For contract translations, intercontact employs specialist legal translators who have in-depth legal expertise in addition to their native language qualifications.

Intercontact works in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17100 standard and represents reliability, experience and the highest quality. Especially when it comes to the translation of contracts, high quality and confidentiality have top priority.

To prosper on the international market with legally impeccable contracts also means addressing the culture of the respective country and using its language accurately. In this way, you show your international business partners or potential customers and investors that you appreciate and respect your contract partners’ culture.

Having your contracts translated increases your trustworthiness, professionalism and mutual understanding.

With intercontact, you can be sure that your communication with business partners is always flawless. In addition to years of qualified professional legal experience, our native-speaking linguists have extensive language skills and cultural awareness.

A legal translation is a typical specialist text where copyright law in translations plays an interesting role.

Closing contracts with the right words

For every legal project, intercontact employs the most suitable native-speaking translation specialist and then handles all of the translation management for you. This is particularly advantageous for you if you regularly commission specialist translations for business and law.

When translating your project, we observe all of the legal requirements and the stipulated written form of your contract. Having your contract translated is indispensable for cultivating and maintaining international contacts and cooperation between different companies at home and abroad. Speak to us for some free advice!


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