Have your patents professionally translated

Protecting your patent is an important consideration, as is the principle of territoriality. This principle states that a patent is only valid in the country in which it was applied for and validated. From this standpoint, you have to file an individual application for each additional country. Furthermore, you can also apply for your patent on a European or international level in addition to individual applications per country.

First, choose the locations where you want your product to be protected and which foreign markets you wish to enter. Each individual application must be written in the language of that country. That’s when you reach out to us at the intercontact translation agency. We can help you with these applications and many other translations.

The necessary know-how for your patent

When it comes to protecting your patent, don’t even think about automatic translations and free tools. Legal text has to be translated with precision, expert knowledge and specialist terminology in the target language. It is important that your translation manager knows about the legal conditions for your overseas patent and has what we call native-language know-how.

This know-how includes complex legal terms and specialist vocabulary. In a legal context, care should be taken to translate your patent not only in a word-perfect and meaningful way but also in a way that guarantees your product is understood in all the relevant languages. The functionality, advantages and technology behind your product must be clear and equally understood in each language. This is the only way your patent can be processed the same in each country without misunderstandings occurring due to an incorrect translation.

The native-speaking linguists at intercontact draw their knowledge from years of professional experience and qualifications. We always recommend that translated legal documents be subjected to an additional proofread. A major project such as a patent should undergo the best possible editing and checks. With intercontact as your translation partner, you can have your patent professionally translated and proofread. From our wealth of qualified translators and editors, we always choose the right professional for each piece of text, determined by their preferences, specialisations and experience in the field of patents and legal text.


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