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One idea more – that's the moses. motto, and its colourful range reflects this sentiment. The publishing house was founded in September 1991 – at that time as a two-man business with books and games for children. It has since grown into a publishing house with around 90 employees. The family business is now in its second generation and is still based in Kempen on the Lower Rhine.

From the very beginning, moses. not only had books in its product range but was also one of the first "non-book" suppliers to enter the book trade: because what good is a book about marble games if you don't have any marbles? The mixture of books and toys articles still characterises the profile of the steadily growing selection available in the children's range today. Original non-fiction and activity books about playing, experimenting and learning are embedded in an extensive product range.

The extensive children's range has long since been joined by a strong assortment for adults. Gift categories divided into topics such as reading, cooking or travelling feature the perfect presents and have established themselves as additional ranges in many sectors. moses. offers that "certain something extra", so to speak, that can make a gift special – be it a bookmark to go with a book, a fun magnet for the fridge or a mini metal suitcase as an original form of wrapping for giving money as a gift.

A third mainstay is the company's games – the famous black stories have been successful for more than 15 years. moses. also offers quizzes and brainteasers in a wide variety of formats as well as board games for the whole family.

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Since May 2017, intercontact has been successfully translating product descriptions and packaging texts into English, French, Dutch and Spanish for moses. and checks them in their final version before print approval. Occasionally, we also translate into Italian.

Together, intercontact and moses have developed a workflow that ensures that texts are translated and delivered in all languages within 24 hours.

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