Technical glossary

Technical glossary of translation terms

Technical glossary

Occasionally, you’ll come across some unfamiliar terms on the intercontact website or when talking to people in the localisation and translation industry. You’ll find many of these terms listed here with short explanations.

Technical glossary

Language service providers (LSPs) – also known as translation agencies – are companies that provide a range of translation and other language-related services to businesses and individuals. An LSP is an important part of the localisation process.

See also: Localisation

A person with professional language skills, especially someone who speaks several languages.

Localisation involves adapting and translating content (text, processes, product and service descriptions and communication, as well as software, books, films and websites) for a specific region. The content is changed so that it matches the language requirements, expectations and culture that are common to the target area.

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Synonyms - Localization
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