International content for your content marketing

Businesswoman draws up SEO analysis

If you want to reach target groups in many different countries, content marketing in all languages will put you in a good position.

High-quality international content fulfils two requirements: it speaks to the visitors to your website and helps turn them from interested visitors into customers. What’s more, good content also contributes to visibility and high positioning in search engines – which is a key element in international SEO success.

Our native-speaker copywriters compose search-engine-optimised content aimed at target groups in over 30 languages. For your blog or your website, for newsletters, press releases or product texts.

Content aimed at your target groups through keyword analysis

In order to find out what interests your readers, we perform a qualitative and quantitative keyword analysis for every country. We not only write all assigned texts for your content marketing on this basis, but we can also make suggestions for further logical texts on request – for your blog, for example. We can also create entire editorial plans and implement them with professional international copywriters.