Have your press releases translated by intercontact

Press releases are always a focal point and inform the public about your company. Your press release deserves the same attention as those of your competitors – and more. Current news about your company or organisation should also be covered by international newspapers, magazines and other media.

The success of your press release depends on its topicality and relevance, the headline, and your readers’ attention span and level of comprehension. At intercontact, we can translate your press releases alongside your editorial and marketing translations. These types of text go hand in hand and should touch the reader on an emotional level. A headline is only successful when it directly speaks to the reader and they understand the text.

Having your press release translated into the languages of your target groups is the best way to ensure it gets read and is understood.

International target groups for your press releases

When your press release is written in your readers’ first language, it immediately makes it feel more trustworthy and professional. Clearly, when you’re writing an informative piece, it’s essential that your readers and customers can understand everything. A press release can be published for internal and external use, in both printed and online magazines and newspapers. You should consider which languages to publish your press releases in according to your clientele, as the right languages can increase your company’s international profile and attract more attention on the global market.

With press releases, it’s the authority of the report that really counts. You can ensure this by publishing it in the appropriate language. Every reader understands their own language the best, which means that every article written in the language of your target audience is intuitively taken seriously and feels trustworthy. If you take advantage of this fact, you will draw significantly more attention to your press releases and generate more digital traffic. With professional and social topics, it’s especially important that there are no misunderstandings or language barriers.

The native-speaking linguists at intercontact are familiar with cultural differences, idioms, conventions and, of course, the languages you require. And as our client, you will benefit from our specialist and language expertise.



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