Clear, concise and correctly understood

The slogan – a repeated message used across all advertising activities – is an effective marketing tool that is often underestimated. When you want to promote your product or campaign, a creative slogan is a great way to go.

Perfect for catching the interest of potential customers, a slogan conveys your company’s attributes. Make it catchy and your brand message should immediately stick in people’s minds. A memorable slogan should therefore be simple and easy to understand.

Online, your slogan has to cut through the clutter. To be recognised and stand out on the internet, it must be instantly understood. If it’s written well, and in your target group’s language, there’s a good chance the public will understand it correctly.

However, do not assume this applies universally. To avoid a branding disaster, you have to consider how your slogan could be perceived in other cultures and settings. Which words, images and phrases cross borders seamlessly and which do not.

Slogans – a marketing miracle or branding bedlam

While they are short, snappy and apparently simple, slogans are deceptively tricky to get right. Especially when they’re used internationally.

We’re here to make sure your slogan works in any language and culture.

In just a few words, a slogan has the power to build your brand or tear it down. In the digital age, a headline slogan is your promise to your customers. It describes your brand’s mission. Even more than that, it expresses what you do and why you do it. It’s incredible how much is packed into those few short words.

Yet all it takes is one wrong – or misinterpreted – word, and the meaning can change entirely. We’ve all read those slogans that went wildly wrong in other countries. Honestly, they’re entertaining to read. When it’s happening to someone else’s company.

Some of the biggest global names have erred in this endeavour. And it’s too costly a risk to take. As much as a slogan can reap great rewards, the wrong message can also wreak terrible consequences. It’s best to bring in the language experts.

This is our area of expertise.

Have your slogans translated by intercontact

Having your slogan translated – in fact, transcreated – into the languages of your target markets is not just the safer option, it’s the better option.

Yes, it avoids the risk of being misunderstood. At the same time, it enhances the customer’s experience. Using slogans in other languages is a sign of responsiveness and shows that you value your customers. They will feel understood and taken seriously. An advertising slogan in their local language gets the right message across and protects your professional image. Your company’s clever slogan or witty rhyme will be understood – and appreciated – by all who read it. Transcreation – what is that?

Transcreated slogans for your international success

Transcreation = creative translation. The native-speaking translators at intercontact make sure your slogan is properly understood and becomes your company's calling card outside your home country. They do this by transcreating the slogan's message for international target audiences. Your slogan will make a bigger and better impression on your customers – and they’ll remember it for longer – when it’s creatively translated into their specific languages.

A slogan’s value lies in how recognisable it is and, therefore, its connection to your brand image. It should build a bridge to your brand message and represent the qualities of your products or services. With intercontact, you can have your slogan translated and transcribed into almost every language, giving you the leverage to connect with the target markets you need to reach and leave the impression you intend to make.



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