Have your flyers professionally translated

A flyer, leaflet or handout – either printed or digital – is non-periodical advertising that’s used in several different formats. Flyers can reach people who are in a hurry and don’t have time to talk or read more extensive materials, making them a good way to communicate with walk-in, walk-by and existing customers.

Offering a flyer prevents customers from feeling overwhelmed by lengthier printed material. It gives them the core information about your offer or service as a first step, leaving conversations or detailed brochures for a later date.

For customers who do want to be advised in person, your flyer will give them a summary of your services or offers once you’ve said goodbye.

The biggest advantage of a flyer, be it printed or digital, is its simplicity. Customers see the most important details at a glance. A successful and memorable flyer needs to be clearly laid out in an attractive design, with bold headlines and keywords, eye-catching graphics and a harmonious overall look.

Multilingual flyers for international success

Of course, in addition to the layout, the content and message of your flyer is also important. You want the text to appeal to your target group and impress them with your offer in just a few words. However, you need to use the right words. Being misunderstood or accidentally striking the wrong tone would do more damage than good. Flyers address all kinds of people who may come from anywhere in the world. And if you want to reach all those potential customers and target audiences, your flyers need to be translated into the languages of your target markets.

With intercontact, you will be supported by native-speaking translators who aren’t just familiar with their respective language and country-specific idioms but also with their culture. In the final analysis, for your flyer to be successful, you need to accommodate the different languages of your target audience.

When translated, flyers are an effective tool that will help you achieve international success and reach a larger target audience. As they are small and relatively simple to produce, flyers can easily be translated into several languages, which will make your brand feel trustworthy and professional.


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