Have your online banners translated by intercontact

Translating your banner ads allows you to reach international target groups and expand your target market. An online banner is usually a graphic or animation that catches the attention of internet users.

But just seeing the advert isn’t enough to generate traffic for your online platforms. By embedding a banner in different content or using push messages, it can generate more views for you and is a good way to round out your online marketing. Don’t overlook this advertising opportunity when it comes to your national and international ads. Instead, consider having your translated into the local languages of your target markets.

Our own language evokes a sense of trust

Visitors to your website will thank you with more traffic. A hyperlink within your online banner will automatically redirect people to your online shop or website at any time.

Using your customers’ first language gives them a basic sense of trust and makes your online banner come across as serious and genuine. The association of your advertising with their mother tongue will have a positive effect.

Typically, online banners are animated in order to catch internet users’ attention. Moving banners are the ideal way to draw their eye to your ad. Providing they understand the language and the headline, there’s a good chance they will click your banner.

Do you see online banners as being as important to your advertising portfolio as, for example, your website or online shop? If so, you can significantly increase your company’s success by having your online banners translated into the languages of your target markets.

intercontact will support you with translation management and programming interfaces so you can implement your translated online banners quickly, at top quality standards, embedded in your chosen content. In addition, intercontact will design the text of your online banners to be even more efficient with the help of keyword research and search engine optimisation (SEO) so that your company is found faster and displayed more often than your competitors.



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