Having editorial text translated

Editorial content isn’t just informative and entertaining, it also differs from advertising copy by being more personal since it’s often about the journalist’s or author’s own experiences. Reports, features and interviews are all examples of editorial text.

These articles can be found both online and in the classic print industry. Thanks to digitalisation, the editorial industry has grown and people from all over the world can now read editorial articles online.

Many newspapers, journals and magazines are already leading the way by publishing their issues in several languages in order to reach a wider audience. Offering your editorial articles in other local languages will expand your readership and your online traffic.

Engage readers emotionally in every language

Local language is a precious commodity and its value is often overlooked and underestimated.

The majority of editorial copy is written on an emotional level and should touch the reader in some way. However, when the reader isn’t addressed in their own language, it immediately becomes more difficult for those emotions to come through. If and how a reader understands the items you publish depends upon their prior knowledge, the wording, jargon and, of course, the language itself.

Each writer needs to sound as natural and genuine as possible when telling a story to engage and connect with the reader. You want your reader to understand the writing, to feel each nuance and emotion. By having your editorials translated into your reader’s language, you create a stronger emotional experience.

Most readers want to be spoken to on an emotional level and recognise themselves within the story. This is true for editorial content like reports, recommendations and features about events. Offering your editorial pieces in your readers’ languages is an effective way to create and build on those connections.

The easiest way to bring a reader into the story is by having it translated and transcreated into the local language. This will successfully increase your editorial output on an international scale and expand your readership.

Multilingual translations of your editorial content

Talk directly to your readers! With intercontact as your partner, you can reach your audience in the majority of languages and share your articles with them.
Send us your editorial text from the fields of fashion, cosmetics & beauty, business & law or industry & technology for a translation! We will ensure you receive the best country-specific translations and transcreations of your editorial copy.


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