Advertising copy and SEA translations

Ever-popular advertising copy enjoys huge interest for a reason. It’s because an online ad increases both your visibility and the traffic to your online platform at the same time. A classic print advert can be just as beneficial – so long as your target group favours that medium. In the digital age, however, you will reach many potential customers in your target market if you embrace the digital medium. You can reap the benefits of both kinds of media by taking an integrated approach and running both digital and print ads.

Google Ads are especially popular. You can have your Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns written, translated and SEO optimised at intercontact. Search engine optimisation is especially relevant for social media as you can significantly increase your visibility with the right keywords.

Using ads means your relevant target group will see you on a number of platforms. Through the continuous visibility of your ads, your brand becomes etched in the minds of your customers which then leads to more website visits.


Value creation through multilingual adverts

To increase your traffic and achieve more measurable success, it’s important that you address your target groups in other countries in their own respective languages. Writing in your audience’s native language ensures they understand you, inspires confidence and feels highly professional. Having your copy translated to address your customers in their native language is a sign of respect and shows that you value them. With intercontact, you will have a translation agency at your side that will take care of all this work. The intercontact translation management team will handle the entire process, from creating the order, assigning the translation and proofread, to embedding it in your content or, in this case, placing your ad.

Our native-speaking linguists have years of experience in working with cultural differences, idioms, proverbs, rhymes and taboos.

Your advertising is guaranteed to be understood and visible thanks to a word-perfect and country-specific translation in every language of your target market. In the long term, your company’s internationalisation will lead to worldwide success.



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