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Magazines, journals and newspapers cover a huge array of subject areas and are important sources of information. As well as being informative, they’ve become an art form of their own. This periodical media, published at regular intervals, has existed for centuries.

Although the colloquially named “magazine” originated in the classic print industry, the majority of today’s extensive range of magazines is also available online. The publishing world has adapted to the digital age and the increasing use of online media. Which means your magazine can now be read all over the world.

To reach this wider audience, many publishers are already leading the way by issuing their periodicals in several languages. Your readership will thank you if you do.

Most magazines aim to engage their readers on an emotional level. However, this effect is diminished as part your audience is reading your content in their second language. If and how a reader understands the items in your magazine depends upon their prior knowledge, the wording, technical jargon and, of course, the language itself.

Each writer needs to sound as natural and genuine as possible when telling a story to engage and connect with the reader.

You want your reader to understand every piece of writing. To feel each nuance and emotion.

Having your magazine translated into your reader’s language means creating more connections and a stronger emotional experience.

Magazine translations for international readers

This is especially true for magazines with reviews, reports, recommendations and advice guides. Readers want to be spoken to on an emotional level and recognise themselves within the story. As we’ve seen, reading and understanding content in one’s own language is a great advantage. When it comes to regular publications, the native language is uniquely important and should not be underestimated.

Companies can also publish magazines for their shareholders or employees. As you might expect, these audiences need to be engaged just as effectively as an anonymous readership. As a publishing house or company group, the simplest, most powerful way to catch and keep a reader’s attention is to use their local language.

You want to be internationally successful and increase your magazine’s reach. You need someone who speaks your target markets’ languages.

Talk directly to your readers! The native-speaking translators at intercontact will help you reach your readers in any language. At intercontact, you can commission magazine translations for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, as well as business, industry and technology. Our language leads will ensure that your content and articles are correctly translated and transcreated.

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