Have your blog translated by intercontact

A blog usually refers to written internet content, which addresses readers more personally and directly than marketing copy. Blogs are regularly updated and expanded. There are many different types of blogs, such as themed blogs, knowledge blogs, product and brand blogs, or customer relationship blogs. Often, specialist subject blogs have a high number of followers that can easily be expanded.

An international blog could tip the scales in your company’s favour and generate global traffic.

Blog comments for customer interaction

A blog is generally considered as an incredibly extensive source for creating interaction with a community, readership and customers. The comment function is particularly popular as it can be used to create an exchange and rapport with your customers and readers. One advantage to this is that you can get to know your target group better, and additionally, you can find out your areas for improvement.

Originally, blogs were essentially diaries. Nowadays, however, there are many other uses for this medium. For example, businesses might write a monthly or weekly blog for their employees or customers. Some blog writers use them to share their thoughts and turn blogging into their job by marketing their lifestyle.

No matter what type of blog you offer, if you want to reach a large and international audience, it makes sense – in fact, it’s essential – to have your blog translated into other languages.

A multilingual blog for international success

A multilingual blog reaches a wider audience and invites new readers to join your community. With the help of intercontact’s native-speaking linguists, you can have your blog conveniently and easily translated into almost any language. You will profit from the years of professional experience and expert knowledge that our language specialists have acquired. Using a first language evokes a sense of belonging and extends a friendly welcome to each new reader. To strengthen your community and create an intercultural exchange, there’s no better marketing device than a translation.

Your topic, and the message you would like to convey with your text, will become crystal clear with a translation. Grow your readership and market your blog internationally.



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