German–Spanish translation

With 389 million native speakers and second-language speakers, Spanish numbers among the most spoken languages on the planet. Around 80 million Spanish speakers live in Mexico, 39 million in Spain and 33 million in Columbia.

But Spanish is also the official language of many other countries: in Africa (Equatorial Guinea etc.), numerous North and Central American states (Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama etc.) and in South America (Argentina, Chile, Columbia etc.).

Its international importance means that Spanish is considered a world language. However, the language varies across regions: as can be seen with Latin America Spanish versus European Spanish, for instance.

And Latin American Spanish can be subdivided even further, resulting in many subtleties of pronunciation and word use depending on country. The same word in Venezuela might have a very different meaning to the one it has in Paraguay, Chile, Argentina or Mexico.


Do you need another reason to translate your online shop or product catalogue into Spanish?

Here are two reasons straight up:

  1. on account of the large number of Spanish speakers in the world, a translation into Spanish can let you reach vast numbers of people.
  2. And, according to statistics published in 2015, Spain’s biggest import partners are: Germany with 14.4%, France with 11.7% and China with 7.1%.

One more thing: if you operate an online shop with products in the clothing/shoes or consumer electronics sectors, Spain might be a market worth tapping, as these are particularly popular with online shoppers in Spain.








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