German–French translation

Around 110 million people speak French as a first language and another 190 million as a second language. The French language, which is related to Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, among others, is an official language of 29 countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Haiti and other countries in West and Central Africa.

In North Africa and Southeast Asia, meanwhile, French is widespread as a secondary language, and French is also spoken in many international organisations. Accordingly, French speakers can be found on five continents.

French developed differently in the different countries where it is spoken on account of influences from other languages – for instance in Switzerland as a result of Italian and German influences. Sometimes certain terms are used that may be less usual or even unknown in other French-speaking countries.


If you offer an online shop, a translation into French might be useful for this reason:

Within a one-month period in the last quarter of 2016, 62% of people living in France bought goods online. That put France in seventh place, just ahead of Canada which occupies place eight with 60%. And Canada itself is also partly French-speaking.

Something else to consider: 37% of people in France bought clothes and sport items online in the year 2016. So if you offer fashion or lifestyle products, translating your online shop into French might just win you many new customers.









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