Translating German to Polish

Polish is spoken by 48 to 55 million people around the world, mainly in Poland but also in other countries such as Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Polish is related to Slovakian, Czech and the Sorbian languages.

Polish shares 5th place with Spain of most spoken language amongst the 24 official languages of the European Union with 9% of EU citizens being native speakers, behind German, English, French and Italian.

Translating in the Polish could be interesting to you because:

  • Polish foreign trade has greatly increased over the last few years. Poland is one of Germany’s most important trading partners and is one of the countries that has an above-average percentage of imports from Germany.
  • If your company is located in Brandenburg, then Poland is of particular interest to you because the country is the most important export market for companies from Brandenburg. And not just that: visitors from Poland come to visit – and how better to convince them about your products than to communicate directly with them in Polish? You don’t have to learn Polish straight away, it would certainly be enough if your product descriptions are able to speak for themselves.
  • And if you run an online shop: 75% of Polish people bought at least one product online in a test month in the second quarter of 2017. In the last quarter of 2016, it was only 55%. As you can see, this percentage has hugely increased. And people in Poland will be over the moon to be able to use your online shop in their native language.

Take the leap and convince your potential customers in Poland with what you have to offer!







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