Translation for lifestyle and fashion brands

Fashionista in front of blue background

The value of international markets in the areas of lifestyle and fashion is dictated by communication which reflects the lifestyle of the target group in the target country.

In doing so, images and text create an inseparable unit, which must be localised with finesse. Simply translating the text is often not enough. The key is to capture the essence of the brand and transfer it comprehensively in the relevant culture. And re-creating this each and every time modifications are made to your product portfolio.

If you take an emotionless approach in this field, you are setting yourself up to fail. That's why we are pleased that we have true fashionistas and trendsetters within our team who have a passion for strong brands both professionally and privately. That goes for fashion and beauty, food and drink, home and garden, wellness, fitness and entertainment.


Typical translations from the fashion world:

Typical translations from the lifestyle world: