SEO text translation

Man presses SEO button

At intercontact, translation of SEO texts always starts with a keyword analysis. Because, depending on the target market, simply translating the existing keywords into another language may not be very helpful.

Every language has its own idiosyncrasies. This could mean that customer searches may focus on completely different things. Or that they use different search engines. For example, optimisation using Google may prove to be rather unsuccessful in Russia or China – where Yandex and Baidu are used to search the web.

Search engine optimisation in cultural context

Cultural context and linguistic conventions should also be reflected in natural-sounding SEO translations. This means that the new texts must differ significantly from the original in many cases. If it’s not a translation you require, our copywriters in various countries can write your SEO texts from scratch.

Our native-speaker translators will deliver all your SEO translations including all markups required for search engine optimisation. This means your web designers can integrate the text directly into the website or your CMS and you can be sure that all requirements for successful on-page optimisation will automatically be fulfilled.

The necessary internal links can also be taken into account and inserted.