Live translations for social media

Young people in a café

When international visitors to your website use social media, things can quickly begin to escalate. Comments, posts and questions come flooding in via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn among other social media channels – all in different languages.

If you want to react in time, you either need to speak all these languages yourself – or to call intercontact, your translation agency. In cooperation with you, we will monitor your social media channels and ensure quick and flexible reactions in your customers’ languages.

Building up your international brand image

In this way, you can build up a clear brand image in your target markets and wow your target group, who of course appreciate being addressed in their own language.

Our in-house translators, who specialise in social media translations, not only speak your customers’ language, but also know their way around the social media management tools you use – such as Sprinklr and Spredfast among others. In this way, you will be able to keep track of all your communities.