Have your white papers professionally translated

Primarily, a white paper is a helpful tool for documenting your business insights and specialist knowledge in a clear format. White papers are often sent to external readers, clients and industry professionals. Summarising knowledge in a whitepaper serves both an informative and self-promotional purpose. It can contain expert knowledge, company achievements, business documents and marketing copy about a particular topic.

Since your white paper will mainly be sent to external companies, it’s important that you are clear about your target group. In order to call attention to your whitepaper and offer it to as many customers and readers as possible, you will need to be aware of your target group’s language or languages. In any situation, text in someone’s native language will always be noticed first, and that includes white papers.

Take an e-mail that lands in your inbox from an unknown sender. Instinctively, you’re more likely to open the mail if it’s written in your own language. That’s just one example of why the right language is so incredibly important.

Convey expert knowledge in an understandable way

To establish trust and understanding, and ensure your international success, we recommend using the simplest marketing tool there is – the native language.

It’s crucial that readers understand the content and specialist text in your white papers. For an accurate translation, you should always use a native-speaking specialist translator. There is no free translation tool that can match the expertise of a native-speaking linguist.

However, before you order a translation, you do need to consider a few points, such as who your target audience is, the expertise you need and want, and the length of your white paper. Just because it’s called a paper doesn’t mean that your document can only be one page long. On the contrary, it’s common for white papers to run between 10 and 30 pages.

To make sure this volume of text is as easy to understand as possible, intercontact will translate or transcreate your white paper. Our native-speaking linguists will translate your content in line with both the wording and the meaning.

When it comes to your white paper, you can rely on our expertise, our subject-specific vocabulary and specialist knowledge of cultural and language differences.



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