28 September 2018
Businessman gives five stars

Have you already asked yourself how you can contribute to the quality of translations? Here are 5 tips to help you always attain the best results:


  1. Only submit the final draft of a document to be translated Changes made after the fact, especially when a file is being translated into multiple languages, costs time, money and compromises the overall quality.
  2. Plan your processes so that enough time remains for translation Every additional day translators and editors have is a bonus in terms of quality.
  3. Provide reference material and/or a translation brief The more background information translators have, the better they can become acquainted with the topic and communicate their knowledge of your company.
  4. Don’t cut corners with copyediting Whether copyediting prior to delivery is included or costs extra; it is worth the price.
  5. Have translations reviewed again before putting something online or printing. Keep in mind that people and machines are involved in the further processing of translated texts, which means that mistakes can slip in. This is another way to ensure improved quality.

We work with highly qualified, native speaker translators and copyeditors and are responsible for all language processes, which guarantees that your international texts are understood.

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