Translating German to Swedish

Around 10.5 million people speak Swedish. The majority live in Sweden and Finland. In comparison to other languages, Swedish is a relatively small language.

However, a translation into Swedish could be beneficial for you

You will definitely profit from a translation into Swedish if you sell products and services via the internet, in particular...

...if you’re selling tickets.
Like in many other Nordic countries, such as Norway, Finland and Estonia, tickets are often bought online in Sweden. In the year 2017, 51% of Swedish people bought tickets on the internet. That puts Sweden in first place in Europe!

...if you’re selling trips and offering holiday lets.
Sweden is also very high on the list in Europe in relation to booking trips and holiday lets: 57% of Swedish people booked trips and holiday lets via the internet in 2017. That puts Sweden in third place in Europe, behind Denmark and Luxembourg.

...if you’re selling clothing and sports items.
The Swedes also like buying clothing and sports items online. In 2017, 51% of people living in Sweden bought clothing and accessories for sporting activities online. That puts Sweden in the top 5 in Europe, alongside the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

...if you work in the telecommunications sector.
In comparison to other European countries, people in Sweden are ahead when it comes to purchasing telecommunication services online: 26% of people living in Sweden booked telecommunication services online in the 12 month period of 2016. This puts Sweden in second place, beaten to the top spot by Denmark.

As you can see, Swedish people often jump on the internet to buy things. So take your chance to reach the Swedish market!







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