Translating German into Turkish

Turkish is the native language of 75°million people in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Israel, among other countries. A further 15°million people speak Turkish as a second language.

If you’d like to start a new online shop, think about having it translated immediately into languages with many speakers, such as English, French and Spanish.

But translation into Turkish can also be interesting.

Of all the languages, why should you have your online shop translated into Turkish?

Things are often bought online in Turkey. 50% of Turkish people buy a product online at least once a month with a smartphone or other mobile device.

Buying items of clothing and sports good is particularly popular in Turkey, followed closely by electronic devices and household goods. Travel and holiday accommodation are also often purchased online.

Websites in your mother tongue are convincing

A survey of online shoppers from non-English speaking countries, including those from Turkey, discovered that 60% of shoppers never or seldom buy products from websites exclusively available in English, regardless of their level of English.

30% of those surveyed even revealed that they don’t buy anything from websites only offered in the English language. In the automotive and financial sectors in particular, shoppers put value on receiving information in their own language.

You’re sure to profit, then, from the buying habits of potential customers from Turkey and in offering them the possibility to buy in Turkish in your online shop. Product descriptions in your own native language sound much more convincing.

Of course, other factors besides language play an important role when purchasing online, such as data protection, payment and delivery options.

If you’d like success with your online shop in Turkey, you should definitely offer Visa and MasterCard as payment options as these are often used by Turkish customers.

Get started with localising your online shop with a good translation and conquer the Turkish market!








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