Writing international SEO texts: be found around the world

Woman writes text with books and laptop

Having international SEO texts written by native-speaker copywriters involves more than purely translating search terms.

If you want to be found through search engines in every country, you need to know that country and its people perfectly. Because people and their intentions are different, the search terms they use to look for products and services can also differ greatly.

That’s why a keyword analysis is always performed for every individual target market before international SEO texts are written at intercontact.

Creative content written by native-speaker SEO copywriters

This requires a good understanding of different cultures and is the reason why we use native-speaker copywriters with roots in the target country.

The SEO texts are ready to go in HTML format upon delivery, including all important markups. In this way, your web designer can integrate the text directly into your website or CMS. All requirements for successful on-page optimisation are fulfilled in the process.

You don’t have to worry about the required internal links either: they will also be taken into account and inserted.

Are you looking for continuous monitoring of your success? We can take care of that too. This can take the form of monthly reports for example, which not only provide you with the current status of your international websites, but also provide regular suggestions for improving their visibility.