Our foreign-language copyeditors will clean up every error in every language

Group of business people working together on a laptop

Mistakes can happen at work. Particularly when people have to work in foreign languages which they don't understand. A graphic designer, for example.

Our professional foreign-language copyeditors are guaranteed to pick out even the smallest hidden errors in such cases as these: Is the text in the layout correct? Is the headline in the correct language? Chinese or Japanese? Did the designer place the Swedish text block in the Danish brochure? And is the corporate language really being used consistently in every language?

A foreign language copyedit can save careers

Fatal errors can occur and not only in the marketing and advertising industries. Possible errors also lurk in everyday texts. Let's take the many country-specific exceptions in typography.

In French, all double punctuation marks (exclamation marks, question marks, colons, semicolons etc.) are separated from the previous word by a (narrow as possible) non-breaking space. However, brackets are not double punctuation marks and are treated in the same way as in English.

Similarly “English quotation marks” can easily get mixed up with „German quotation marks“. And some languages also have their own rules on line breaks which absolutely must be followed.

Our professional native-speaker copyeditors correct texts in all languages and will proofread your last draft before publication in printed products or online. To give you all-round peace of mind.