Translating newsletters: creativity in real time

In the case of newsletters, there’s no time for long deliberations – even when it comes to translation. Thankfully, the translation agency intercontact has specialised in the localisation of newsletters, banners and promotions for years.

It is not only the speed with which our in-house language teams process your texts that counts – more importantly, they are able to provide creative translations that communicate your ideas by finding an equivalent solution that suits the target country. Considering other cultural spheres is key in this process.

Ensuring target groups feel understood

When it comes to newsletters in particular, readers recognise very clearly how highly they are valued and how individually they are being addressed.

For example, how would a customer in the USA feel if they are being spoken to in British English? Which linguistic details will a French-speaking person from Switzerland pick up on, compared to someone from France?

They would all understand the content, however they would identify more personally with the text if vocabulary typical of their language variant and the correct spelling and punctuation from their home country was used.

Incidentally, there can even be regional differences in language usage within a country.

The right form of address is key

Many languages differentiate between formal and informal greetings. Deciding which to use in which context can vary greatly depending on the language. The key is to consider the cultural context in order to avoid alienating your audience.

Another important decision to be made is whether to address the customer by their first name or surname. For example, while using someone’s first name is often far too personal in Germany, Americans are much more relaxed about it.

A translation agency with cultural roots around the world

For this reason, we rarely translate a source text word for word. Instead we formulate your news, campaigns and promotions in a way that is specific to each country to ensure you are addressing your international target groups perfectly. Not only do we express your content, but we also put across your brand image.

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