The world of desktop publishing in all languages

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If you want to publish something internationally, you need to prepare files for foreign language typesetting. This applies to desktop publishing (DTP) and print brochures just as much as it does for online banners, web graphics, e-books or newsletters.

Experts for multi-lingual DTP

Our project management team has a tried and tested complex workflow to prepare your files for multi-lingual translation. We work with editable text in all file formats directly in the files, e.g. in Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Excel (.xlsx), XML (.xml), HTML (.html), Adobe InDesign (.idml) and many other formats.
We deliver the translated texts in the same format and with the same file extension as the source document.

We’re happy to take on your complete foreign language typesetting, including all correction cycles into our workflow. That helps maintain an overview when working with many languages and complex projects.

Questions about file formats?

Our professional IT specialists and technology managers will be happy to advise you.