Technical glossary

Technical glossary of translation terms

Technical glossary

Occasionally, you’ll come across some unfamiliar terms on the intercontact website or when talking to people in the localisation and translation industry. You’ll find many of these terms listed here with short explanations.

Technical glossary

Fuzzy matches

In a translation agency, a piece of text to be translated is read into a CAT tool. The text content is compared with the contents in the translation memory. The program searches for translation memory segments that share something in common with the segments already stored. If the new segment is exactly the same as the stored one, this is called a 100% match.

Any matches below 100% are called fuzzy matches. The cost of a translation varies depending on how much new material there is. Repetitions and matches generally cost less for the customer, as they require less manual intervention in the translation.

See also: CAT tool, Fuzzy matches, Matches, Segment, Translation memory

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