Grrreat translations!

Cats play with book

As we all know, pets are man’s best friend. At any rate, the amount we spend on our pets is permanently increasing worldwide, parallel to the marketing budgets of the manufacturers and distributors of pet food and accessories.

That’s why we not only get to enjoy translating woofs* and meows* so often, but primarily also product descriptions, packaging texts, displays, banners, website content and much more.

Many of our translators are animal lovers. However, they are above all precise, professional language experts who work on the basis of the most recent EU regulation on feed materials.

This ensures that pet owners in every country know what’s best for their dog, cat or mouse.


Typical translations from the zoology field:

Packaging text

  • Ingredients
  • Feeding recommendations
  • Labels
  • Directions for use

Marketing text

  • Magazines
  • Advice sheets & flyers
  • Advertising
  • Promotions & displays

Internet sites & online shops

  • Content
  • Product descriptions
  • Online banners

Dog with glasses and book

In German: wuff
In French: ouaf

Cat sits on a book

In German: miau
In French: miaou