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THOMAS SABO has been synonymous with high-end silver jewellery and spectacular designs since the brand was founded in 1984.

Sabo excelled in the market from the outset and has increased its customer base significantly over the years. An important factor here was the launch of the brand’s online shop, which allowed it to expand further and achieve even greater success. 

As it grew, the jewellery company based in Lauf an der Pegnitz – a German town located east of Nuremberg – extended its product range, adding items such as watches and beauty products. In accordance with the motto, “always in tune with the times”, the work of the brand’s jewellery designers in its main studio in Pegnitz is guided by the concept of modern diversity. Meanwhile, the motto of the brand’s eponymous founder, “the right piece of jewellery for every occasion”, has undoubtedly guided the company in its product variety.

The first big breakthrough for the brand came in 1986 with the ear cuff – its first best-seller. Sabo opened its first branch in 1998 in the heart of Frankfurt and around 189 additional stores have been opened since then. The THOMAS SABO brand is also known worldwide thanks to its range of charms, which allow users to create their own unique charm bracelet. This led to the “Charm Club” being formed, which immediately gave rise to a successful international expansion.

THOMAS SABO stands for diversity, creativity, and personal expression. The brand allows customers to express themselves in a new and empowering way, with its high-quality sterling silver, hand-cut stones and exotic mixes of materials. With over 1,200 employees and a presence in around 70 countries, Thomas Sabo is a self-made man and one of the world’s most successful jewellery designers and entrepreneurs.

International texts for THOMAS SABO Jewellery

What makes THOMAS SABO jewellery so special is the premium quality and exquisite look of the materials and their gemstones, as well as the attention to detail that goes into every piece. It’s no surprise then that language plays an important role in communicating the brand’s mission – by inspiring customers and taking them on a journey into the world of premium jewellery as they navigate the website and online shop.

In this way, the brand’s ability to communicate with its customers all over the world by using their respective native language in a way that is authentic and inspirational serves as an additional quality seal. To make this a reality, intercontact translations has been providing translation services for THOMAS SABO since the beginning of 2022, including the translation of marketing texts, advertising campaigns, product descriptions, newsletters and press releases.

As an experienced translation and copywriting agency, we at intercontact believe that effective communication is key. That is why we take pride in helping you to communicate with every target group – both those overseas and those closer to home – and create the ideal shopping and brand experience.

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