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Birkenstock Shoes

Birkenstock is a German shoe manufacturer based in Neustadt (Wied) and is one of the best-known German fashion brands worldwide. In 2013, the company, which consisted of 38 individual enterprises, was expanded into a group – the Birkenstock Group. Historically, the company can be traced back to the master shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock, who was first mentioned in the ecclesiastical archives of the town of Langen-Bingen in Hesse as early as 1774.

The brand became renowned for its orthopaedic footbed, which laid the foundation for our current understanding of the term "footbed" in the first place. Today, Birkenstock still relies on the unique anatomically-shaped footbed as its core product and is committed to supporting healthy feet. In this context, the brand is particularly well-known for its sandals. But this manufacturer of comfortable shoes is about more than just sandals: its range includes sneakers, boots, ballet flats and boat shoes for women, men and children.

Early on, Birkenstock was committed to ensuring the environmentally-friendly production of its footbeds, for example, by using a special glue for this purpose. Energy consumption in the production process was also reduced by more than 90 percent through modernisation in 1990.

The Birkenstock brand includes the sub-brands Papillio and Betula. Papillio, the women's brand, is synonymous with trendy colours and materials and features colour contrasts and unusual prints as well as wedge heels, platform soles and retro looks. Papillio is feminine, trendy and incredibly comfortable. Betula is the family brand for price-conscious comfort lovers who value optimal well-being.

Birkenstock has been active in the licensing business since 2014. Here, too, the company continues on its chosen path and is dedicated not only to supporting healthy feet, but also the healthiest possible lifestyle. This includes: sleeping and living, the world of work, feet and walking, and our attitude to life as a whole.

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Birkenstock has relied on translations from intercontact since 2019

The starting point was the idea of offering high-quality texts for high-quality products. Consistent translations in the Birkenstock online shop, uniform terminology and expressions understandable to native speakers in e-commerce were the requirements for intercontact. Further requirements were that the texts should not sound translated to a native speaker and that customers should be addressed in a manner that is customary for their region.

On top of its experience with e-commerce clients from the fashion and consumer products sectors, the translation agency had to be able to implement Birkenstock's marketing campaigns in 12 languages, in addition to having SEO expertise and experience in linking to content management systems.

intercontact was able to convince the client with its wide-reaching experience in fashion e-commerce, expert in-house translators and professional IT staff, and was able to fulfil all of the client's requirements.

The collaboration via the intercontact platform, excellent cooperation with the Birkenstock team and a lively exchange between all parties involved ensured the Birkenstock online shop was a success and its marketing campaigns were convincing.

The challenge: Localisation of the polish Birkenstock website in 2019

One of the first challenges for intercontact at the beginning of 2019 was the translation/localisation of Birkenstock's new Polish online shop. An extensive XML file with all shop attributes and texts was provided to intercontact. The localisation technicians at intercontact prepared the file in such a way that it was ensured from the outset that the translated Polish file could be read into Birkenstock's CMS without any problems. The Polish market, which is important for Birkenstock, could then take off with the freshly localised online shop!

The summer of newsletters at Birkenstock

Birkenstock Shoes

The Birkenstock newsletters were also given a new lease of life: the texts were translated into all Birkenstock languages in a trendy, creative and inspiring way and sent to interested fashionistas and fashion-savvy customers.

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