Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel: our translation memories

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Our central translation memories are a way of saving translations – storing every word that we translate for you. This enables us to access existing data when working on later translations, allowing us to save time and money.

Because no word is translated twice, every repetition is found and similar text segments which have already been translated are reused.


We translate faster by reusing previously translated words and groups of words. In doing so, the translator always has the option of replacing automatic suggestions with better formulations. Good style also takes precedence over automation.

Because we pass on this time saving to our customers, you can also receive a discount of between 20 and 70% on terms which are already present in our translation memory.

The more text we translate for you, the more terms you already have in the translation memory and the more you will save.


Safely stored in the translation memory: every translated word

Your translation memory is saved on our secure servers and several translators can have access to it simultaneously in real time. You benefit by receiving the same high-quality work, even when on a tight schedule, with consistent translations at a lower price.

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