Our system for consistent terminology

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In order to guarantee consistent language worldwide in your corporate communications, we set up topic-specific glossaries for you in the form of terminology databases. Our translators can access terms agreed with you in follow-up projects.

If you already have glossaries, we can also integrate these. In turn, we are happy to provide our terminology databases to ensure consistent communication for your company.

Through performing countless projects for our customers, we have built up a comprehensive, practical terminology management system, which today forms the basis of our translation services.

At the centre of all this is your corporate wording and the creation, care, optimisation and continuous expansion of your terminology databases which stem from it – right down to individual project level.

We also extract terms from the source texts your company sends us for translation – collated by subject (e.g. fashion, electrical engineering, zoology etc.). These are checked, evaluated, translated and then saved in the form of glossaries or termbases.

These collections are made available to our authorised translators as online terminology databases during the translation process.

Developing your corporate language

One of the benefits of our professional terminology management is that you are able to organise your terminology with the inclusion of your individual specifications or rules.

There is a risk that inconsistency can creep into corporate language, particularly in companies that are growing fast and implementing vastly different projects.

We can counter this through targeted terminology management. You can be sure that your communication is consistent, not only within a single document, but also in all follow-up projects in all languages. This ensures consistent international corporate wording which will give your company or product a distinctive face.