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Founded in 2014, the Munich perfume house LENGLING MUNICH – the first in Munich’s history – specialises in unisex fragrances. Ursula and Christian Lengling have long been involved with the world of luxury perfumes, both professionally and privately. The perfume compositions from LENGLING MUNICH are now available in 20 countries, accompanied by high-quality fragrance descriptions in English, French, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic.

The LENGLING brand tells a story with its fragrances, evoking ideas, depicted and embellished with words. The native speakers at intercontact are well versed in the world of cosmetics & beauty and have been translating for LENGLING MUNICH since 2015. We gladly accept their challenges and translate LENGLING’s fragrance compositions, brand presentations, marketing materials and image brochures.

Munich’s first perfume house

Ursula and Christian Lengling already had many years of experience in the distribution of high-quality perfumes before they decided to create their own unique fragrances. Today, they create a special balance of contrasting components that are characteristic of their unisex perfumes.

Each scent is inspired by the exciting juxtapositions in life, which unite in a fascinating way. Contrasting ingredients – the raw LENG note and the softer, more delicate LING note – complement each other to create balanced perfection on a higher plane. A total work of art. Not only are the fragrances unique, but also the stylish flacons with their elegantly shimmering satin labels. The silver cap is a sophisticated homage to the perfume label’s Munich home and began life as a pebble from the Isar river. Each one is polished by hand, stylishly rounding off the expressive design.

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