Professional operating instruction translations

For your product to be used properly and safely, it stands to reason that it should always be accompanied by an instruction manual, user guide or operating instructions. This type of text needs to comply with both the EU Machinery Directive (EUR-Lex) and the Product Safety Act. Your text will need to be closely monitored at all times and should provide accurate support regarding the safety and functionality of your product.

Operating instructions issued to your company's employees for the safer handling of work equipment also fall under this text category and can be found under §12(2) of the Industrial Safety Ordinance or in publications by the DGUV, such as Sicherheit durch Betriebsanweisungen (“Safety Via Operating Instructions”, currently only available in German).

Instructions and manuals ensure that your products are used appropriately and safely. For your company, the technically flawless and correct translation of this type of text is therefore not only legally binding, but also a sign of your brand’s professionalism.

The more precisely and accurately your operating instructions are written, the better your customers will understand how to use your product, or the better your employees will understand how to use a piece of work equipment.

Checking manuals and instructions before translation

As a manufacturer, you should also bear in mind that you can be held liable for any errors in your manuals and instructions, and the resulting problems – or even accidents. This means that writing your manuals and instructions comes with an enormous responsibility. Here, intercontact can support you in taking the first step by professionally copyediting your manual, with due consideration and verification of all the regulations.

With the help of professional technical proofreaders, you can be sure that your operating instructions are readable, clear and comprehensible. Once these requirements have been met, you can have your manuals and operating instructions translated into other languages.

Top quality specialist translations

Your international customers should be able to understand your operating instructions just as well as your domestic customers. To this end, intercontact has been offering a highly individualised service since 1991, including technical manual translations of the highest quality. All of our technical and specialist translations are completed by native-speaking expert translators.

Intercontact will take care of every aspect of your translation management, while you sit back and relax. Our specialist translators draw their cultural and technical knowledge from years of professional experience. With intercontact as your partner for technical and specialist translations, you can be sure that your operating instructions, manuals, user guides, instruction manuals and any other form of instructions will be translated in a meaningful, word-appropriate and technically flawless manner.

So that your target groups – at home and abroad – can easily read, understand and follow your manuals.


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